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Send Otter Assistant to attend your next new tool can transcribe your Zoom calls for youLet Otter Assistant Cover Your BackRecord and transcribe your Zoom meetings with this new tool, here is automatically joins and transcribes calendared Zoom meetingsOtter Assistant can transcribe your Zoom meetings new assistant can automatically transcribe your Zoom meetingsOtter assistant can transcribe your Zoom Meetings for youSend Your Assistant to Zoom Meetings to Maximize Productivity in Hybrid Work EraFeatured Entrepreneur – Paulina KarpisHow to connect Zoom to to get a transcription of your video meeting audioSorry, but ‘I Missed the Meeting’ Is No Longer an ExcuseThird of those working from home during pandemic wore pyjamas in meetingsThird of those working from home during pandemic wore pyjamas in meetings - poll43% of Remote Workers Miss the Water Cooler Chats with Co-workersONE THIRD OF PEOPLE WORKING FROM HOME HAVE WORN PYJAMAS DURING VIRTUAL MEETINGS, FINDS STUDYOne In 10 Home Workers ‘Did Not Wear Trousers In Meetings’Sure, Dave might seem like he’s avidly listening to this morning’s meeting, but he’s actually doing a yoga routineHow Software Can Help You Escape Zoom CallsAs Offices Reopen, Hybrid Onsite and Remote Work Becomes Routineコメント機能Otterを用いたZoomウェビナーの書き起こしDon’t Zoom in too close: 30% of us are wearing PJs in work meetings, some no pants at all!5 Virtual Ice Breakers for Your Next Zoom Team MeetingLive Video Captioning for Zoom Calls with Otter.aiZoom’s New Feature Makes Sure You’ll Catch Every Word Of The MeetingZoom is set to eliminate one of the worst aspects of video Launches Live Video Captions for Zoom Conference Calls, Launches Live Video Captioning for Zoom Launches Live Video Captioning for Zoom UsersZoom partners for live captions on video meetings, webinarsZoom launches live captioning, new feature makes sure you’ll catch every word of meetingHow to get live video captions on your next Zoom adds live captions to its Zoom integrationZoom Fatigue: What It Is and How to Combat ItHow to live transcribe Zoom meetings with and Soundflower on MacZoom Transcription Services For Remote MeetingsOtterを用いたZoomへのリアルタイム字幕表示 announces Live Notes for Zoom on CNBC Squawk AlleyOtter can now transcribe your Google Meet chats in real raises $50 million for AI transcriptionStartup Raises $50 Million, Hires Chief Marketing OfficerBoosted by the pandemic, meeting transcription service raises $ Raises $50M in Series B FundingEnterprise collaboration enters the innovation fast laneDistance Learning Statistics and Growth of Online Education in raises $50 million Series B led by Spectrum Equity to address over a billion users of online meetingsThe workplace apps that could change the nature of Launches Live Notes and Captions for 100 Million Daily Users of Google MeetGoogle Meet gets a much needed Zoom feature with’s live notes and captions11 Best Productivity Hacks for Remote WorkersHow To Host a Webinar: 8 Tips for Successful WebinarsAI-powered transcription service can now record from Google MeetGoogle Meet Gets One Of Zoom’s Best Features: Live Transcription5 Ground Rules of Virtual Meeting EtiquetteHow to embed an Public Group for instant postingWork From Home Statistics & Trends In 2020Transcribe Zoom recordings with Otter.aiShocking Meeting Statistics In 2020 That Will Take You By Surprise16 Remote Working Tools for Better Collaboration, Communication, and OrganizationRemote Team Communication: 5 Key Tips and Best PracticesIn Otter Words - Kitty Kolding4 Challenges Of Working Remotely (And How To Rise Above Them) raises $50 million Series B led by Spectrum Equity to address over a billion users of online meetingsJeremy Caplan on Otter and AI for JournalistsDale Beaumont recommends Otter at Youpreneur SummitOtterさえあれば、受け身になりがちな英語学習が能動的な学びに変化するOtterのおかげで字幕制作の時間とコストを大きく削減キーワードは「機械が扱えるデータへの変換」AIがもたらす可能性の本質人々のコミュニケーションの場はVR空間へ。VR×Otterの未来予想図Top 5 Web Conferencing Tools for Productive MeetingsHow to transcribe any video meetings with Otter.aiFull Guide to Distributed Teams: Tips for Building and Managing a Distributed TeamZoom」会議にOtter.aiのライブキャプション機能How To Reduce ‘Zoom Fatigue’ And Improve Team Collaboration For Remote WorkFeatured Part-Time Student – Catherine O’ NeilFeatured UX Researcher - Louise SalihWorking From Home: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Maximize ProductivityHow AI transcription is helping business and education through the pandemic [Q&A]5 Common Challenges of Online Learning & How to Overcome ThemFeatured Business Student - Neil MascarenhasIn Otter Words - Tim DraperIn Otter Words - Sam LessinIn Otter Words - Edith YeungForeign Student Learns English with OtterFeatured Student – Andrea Bossi6 Essential Tips to Run an Effective Virtual Meeting5 Online Learning Strategies & Tips for Successful StudentsWhat Students And Instructors Should Know About Virtual Learning TechnologyMicrosoft Word (DOCX) Export and SRT with Automatic Line BreaksOtter’s new Highlight Summary feature turns your meeting notes into a summary that you can sharePersonalize with Custom Vocabulary to Boost AccuracyCommentsHow to configure SAML single sign-on (SSO) in Otter.aiOnline Teaching Tips & Techniques for the Virtual launches real-time event transcription serviceAll the absolutely awesome PR tools for communications professionals10 cool Zoom app plug-ins to enhance your video meeting experienceOTTER.AI LAUNCHES VIRTUAL EVENTS COLLABORATION launches virtual events collaboration serviceHow to transcribe a video on a Mac with Otter.aiHow to transcribe a video on a PC with Otter.aiHow to transcribe any videos with Otter.ai5 Benefits of Online EducationFeatured Student - Clara KelleyFeatured UX Designer - Jeremy BrodeurFeatured Student - Elizabeth MoseleyFeatured Student - OJ OlekaFeatured Student - Elizabeth PaglieiFeatured Student - Ben OuyangFeatured UX Designer - Tina BizacaFeatured Marketer - Dupe AjayiFeatured UX Designer - Emilio HarrisonFeatured Student - Patricio HenriquezFeatured Student - Kahini MehtaFeatured Student - Peter NiciejaFeatured Student - Jo-Ann ChristinaFeatured Student - Michaela O'NeillFeatured Student Otter - Hailey DolakFeatured Student - Justin FelderFeatured PhD Candidate – Tammy ClemonsThe Ultimate Guide to Recording Interviews, In Person and OnlineHow to configure SAML single sign-on (SSO) in Otter.aiLove It or Hate It: Here’s What You Need to Know About Working From HomeGitHub Finds a New Competitor in China-backed GiteeHow Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Being Used in Higher Launches Virtual Events Collaboration adds live event transcriptionFinally, we’re unboxing the teleporterNeed to shake up your work routine? Try a productivity appHigher ed institutions are using Otter's AI technology to transfer lectures into notesRemote learning platform Otter for Education experiences rapid growthCSU Chico Adopts Speech-to-Text Tech for FacultyHow Is Helping Companies Transition to Remote Work and Distributed TeamsFeatured Entrepreneur - Jason GurwinOtter for Education Transforms Remote Learning10 AI-Powered Tools That Boost Remote Work ProductivityThe best headphones, speakers and audio gear for studentsThe New York Times, Nicholas Fandos swoons over Showcases AI-Powered Live Transcription at USDA Event in Support of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) Integrates with Dropbox to Collaborate, Manage, and Search Video and Audio Named Frost & Sullivan's Entrepreneurial Company of the Year for Real-Time Meeting Assistance ServicesThe best apps of 2018 – MashableThe 25 Best Productivity Apps For 2018 – Fast CompanyOtter’s new app lets you record, transcribe, search and share your voice conversationsHow Artificial Intelligence Can Humanize Workforce Communications And Customer EngagementBest Daily Helpers of 2018 – Google Play6 Favorite Startups From TechCrunch Disrupt: Experts' Choice - ForbesOtter app transcribes conversations like it's no big dealTranscription service Otter launches enterprise app for teams - ZDNetThe 100 Best Android Apps for 2019 – PCMagGlobal Mobile Awards 2019 Nominee ShortlistApple Dominates App Store Search Results, Thwarting CompetitorsCEO Tech Talk: How Uses Artificial Intelligence To Automatically Transcribe Speech To TextThe best free iPhone apps of 20215 Insanely Useful iPhone Apps You Should Download Right NowThe future of Transcribing Is HereThese 5 free apps will make your next meeting way more productiveTeleworkers Use Voice Note Taking Platform to Capture and Share Virtual MeetingsA Complete Guide to Writing Interview Transcripts (With Tools Comparison And Free Transcript Examples)How accurate is Otter?The Best iPhone Apps You Probably Don’t Know AboutThe 35 Best iPhone Apps to Download NowFrom Your Mouth to Your Screen, Transcribing Takes the Next Step - The New York Times10 Best iPhone Productivity Apps to Get You Organized in 2020Best productivity apps in Offers COVID-19 Relief for SMBs, Educators and Teams Working from HomeLogin HelpFeatured Freelance Management Consultant - Paul RogersHow is helping students and teachers transition to distance Releases Secure, Live Interactive Transcripts to Support Remote Work and Distance LearningMay 1 Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a @ Enterprise Connect 202010 tools that help journalists work better and fasterTroubleshoot Zoom recordings stopped syncingUCLA Empowers Students with Learning Disabilities with Artificial Intelligence App from Otter.aiFeatured UX designer - Heather ApplegateHow Students Are Using Otter In and Out of the Classroom5 Tips to Overcoming Objections in Meetings10 Ways Teams Use an AI-powered Meeting Note-taker to Improve Meetings10 ways busy students are using Otter to save time and stay aheadHow to unhide your Apple ID email in OtterFeatured UX Designer: Peter KattanHow To Write Effective Meeting Notes (With Templates And Samples)10 Ways Entrepreneurs Use Automated Meeting Note-taker To Build Their CompaniesHow Journalists are Using OtterOtter — A powerful tool for professional eventsWriting with Otter.aiFeatured Entrepreneur - Kevin McCannLife made easy with"Coolest thing since the Roomba" – Otter.aiContent creators recommend OtterCollege Students Use Artificial Intelligence-Powered Note TakerBehind the Scenes with the Podcasters who use OtterFeatured Journalist - Michael Brein"Best money I never spent" – Adds Custom Vocabulary to Otter Voice Notes AI App for iOS, Android and Announces Otter for Education at Announces Otter for Teams, Bringing AI-Powered Collaboration Assistant to expands in Japan in partnership with NTT Selected for AI-Powered Zoom Live @ Zoomtopia 2019Otter Brings AI to the @ DX Summit @ Elevate Tech Festival 2019Otter for Accessibility — A Universal Tool That Meets Specific Needs for People with @ Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit @ TBD Conference @ TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin @ TechCrunch Disrupt SF @ TEDWomen 2019Come see Otter in action! 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Otter will be live transcribing sessions and exhibiting at this event.Published ResearchEmbeddable Otter receives top recognitions & awardsDoes Otter understand accents?10 Reasons to Use Otter Meeting Notes for Office MeetingsAISense Announces General Availability and Premium Version of Otter Voice Notes, Designed for Business People, Journalists and StudentsAISense Announces Otter, Brings Power of Ambient Voice Intelligence™ to Everyday ConversationsAISense Raises $10M Series A to Power Ambient Voice @ TechCrunch Disrupt SF @ Enterprise Connect @ Rise Hong Kong @ Digital Workplace Experience @ TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise @ Collision 2019Web Summit 2018AI breakthrough: app can transcribe your meetings in real time, for free - @ TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility 2019Otter – Is Where Conversations LiveThe Power of Voice: How Will Talking Reshape the Future?TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018 dives deep into artificial intelligence and machine learningSam Liang tries to teach computers to understand us – and our accents – Brings New AI Capabilities to Zoom Customers at ZoomtopiaTechCrunch Disrupt Selects for Live AI-Powered Transcription

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