👋🏼 Superpower team productivity with the Otter app for Slack

Otter automatically shares real-time updates with teammates in Slack, ensuring everyone is in the loop.
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Before Your Meeting


Otter shares a meeting reminder in Slack. Everyone can then follow the conversation in real time, even if they are running late. Keep the meeting efficient by inviting only those who need to participate.
During Your Meeting


Otter automatically writes notes in real time and captures slides from virtual meetings, providing everyone complete context of the discussion. Conversations are both searchable and shareable.
During Your Meeting


Teammates can highlight key takeaways to reference anytime. Additionally, they can assign action items directly from Otter.
During Your Meeting


Otter will then automatically Slack the assignees their action items, saving the meeting leader time from sending follow-up emails and providing detailed context.
After Your Meeting


Otter automatically Slacks teammates the meeting notes, along with an automated summary, to keep everyone on the same page. Share the notes in multiple channels to provide broad visibility for those who weren’t present at the meeting, but would still benefit from the updates. Keep the discussion going seamlessly on Slack.

There’s a better way with the Otter app for Slack!

after meeting
Otter is so accurate it will keep track of those key decisions, people’s names, numbers, dates and facts. All you have to do is, talk.