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Top 3 tips to reduce meeting cost

Determine the Essential Attendees

To prevent meeting overload, skip the meetings you don't need and send your Otter Assistant to take notes for you.

Additionally, be mindful of everyone else's time. Invite only the people who are essential to the discussion. Keep the rest of the team informed and aligned by sharing the Otter notes.

Engage without Distractions

When in the meeting, be fully engaged in the discussion. Multi-tasking at meetings can drag the meeting longer than necessary, especially when speakers have to repeat points for those who are not attentive. Otter takes notes in real time, so everyone can be fully present.

End with an Action Plan

Leave the last few minutes of every meeting to summarize the main decision and discuss the next steps. This discussion should include assigning action items and timing.

Otter captures all the meeting Takeaways. Assign action items to teammates directly from Otter, so you don't have to follow-up with a separate email.

Skip the meeting. Stay in the loop.

Get back 1 day each week. Use Otter to automatically take and share notes for all your meetings.