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"I love that the transcription is so smart, and I can get as close as I can to understanding what people are actually saying. Highly recommended; keep up the good work, Otter!"
Megan Huynh
Product Manager
Otter has greatly increased my productivity, and I can achieve the same amount of tasks in a shorter time span. All my clients are surprised and ask me how I can achieve so much!
Juliet Inyang
For me, it's not just for taking notes. It has literally been the only link between me and the world, and I don't know where I would be without it.
Amy Modglin
Thanks Otter, you enabled me to do the thing I love most: writing, hands-free!
Catherine O'Neil
I’ve been stunned at how good Otter is at picking up audio when I’m in a cafe or use a microphone that belongs to the cell phone. I found it really versatile and effective.
Paul Rogers
Freelance Management Consultant
I’ve tried out various other ways to work with audio files, and, truthfully, none of them have come any closer in usefulness than Otter. Far-and-away, Otter beats them all!
Michael Brein
I was very impressed with the accuracy of the transcription. How easy it is to listen, see the text, and edit in place. ‘Oh, they actually said this,’ and I can fix it quickly.
Tina Bizaca
UX Designer