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Productivity Hacks
Best OneNote Alternative: Review of Top Note-Taking Apps
Find the best OneNote alternative apps in 2022 for students and professionals. We include the features and pricing of each app to guide your decision.
Product Update
Meet the New Otter
We’re excited to launch the new Otter — built for the half billion hybrid work professionals who are running from one meeting to the next, while juggling multiple projects with various teams. 
Productivity Hacks
A Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda Template You Can Use Right Away
In today’s world, technology changes rapidly, and users have come to expect frequent updates and consistent output from tech and software companies. Understandably, it can be hard to meet these expectations when working on complex new software and technology projects.
Productivity Hacks
How to Transcribe Zoom Meetings with Otter.ai
Transcribe your Zoom meetings in real-time using Otter.ai while collaborating with your team and reviewing meeting notes.
Product Update
Introducing Your Otter Weekly Insights
You have a lot to say, and between all of your events and meetings, whether at home, work, or school, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all of your activities in Otter. As Otter becomes an essential tool for your in-person or virtual meetings, classes or lectures, or day-to-day interactions with friends and families, we want to make sure these conversations are more accessible, more collaborative, more productive, and more actionable for you.