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The breakdown of our features and some upcoming ones
Otter for iOS, Android, Web
Use Otter on all the platforms that you work on
Otter learns your custom vocabulary
Playback Control
The best experience to play back meetings with synced audio and text, and playback speed control
Share via groups and links
Otter Assistant for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet
Edit text, speakers, and time codes
Speaker name identification
Import pre-recorded audio/video files
Search notes by keyword, speaker, date
Summary keywords and word clouds
My Agenda
Team vocab and speakers
Live captions for Zoom and Google Meet
Sync from Zoom and Dropbox
Inline images
Export audio, text, and captions
Add images
Connect calendars (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iOS Calendar)
Useful admin controls
Centralized billing, user management and reporting
Team members
Usage analytics
Two-factor authentication
Single Sign-On (SSO)

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Frequently Asked Questions

My colleagues and I have Otter accounts. Can we switch to Business?
Yes! Sign into your account. Under Settings, select “Upgrade to Business” and follow the prompts.
What forms of payment can I use?
We accept credit and debit card payments on our Otter.ai website, and in-app purchases charged to your Apple App Store or Google Play account.
Can I pay with PayPal?
PayPal is not yet accepted, but we will definitely consider adding this option in the future.
Is there a discount for students and teachers?
Yes, we offer a great discount on the Pro plan for individual students, faculty members, and full-time staff if they belong to the following:
Nonprofit educational institutions, Accredited primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions*, or School districts and regional service agencies**.

To subscribe:
1.   Sign up (or login) using your school’s email address (e.g., john.smith@stanford.edu).
2.  After you’ve signed into your Otter account, click your name in the top left, and then click the Upgrade plan link.
3.  Click the “Student & Teacher Discount” link towards the bottom of the page, just below the Pro plan description.

*Affiliated hospitals, medical centers, and patient care facilities are ineligible.
**Federal and state (or equivalent) government offices, such as Departments of Education, are ineligible.