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    Otter.ai is a Digital Workplace Experience 2018 technology partner providing ambient voice intelligence to event attendees.

    Zoom + Otter.ai

    Recording Transcripts

    Powered by Otter.ai's automatic transcription

    "Zoom has become the first web conferencing vendor to offer automated transcription of online meetings ... in partnership with AISense."

    Otter for Zoom

    Recording transcripts + unlimited storage ... even for Zoom Pro!


    Otter goes way beyond note taking.

    Otter is the smart note-taking and collaboration app that business people, students, and journalists use to get more value from meetings, calls, video conferences, interviews, lectures, and wherever important conversations happen. Now people can love Otter at events, too. Learn more about Otter

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    ai for everyday conversations

    Otter is created by AISense. We're a startup on a mission to make voice conversations more valuable for everyone.

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