OtterPilot™ your meetings wherever they happen.

Use Otter to record and automatically transcribe both in-person and virtual meetings, from your favorite device
and applications.

Transcribe virtual meetings

OtterPilot™ will record and transcribe meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams in real time, while also capturing slides and generating a summary.

Transcribe audio and video files

Otter will transcribe your audio and video files. You can then search, share, and edit. Import your files to Otter on the Web, or through our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Transcribe Youtube Videos

Otter will transcribe any YouTube video. Just play your video, and then tap Record within Otter.

Transcribe Dropbox files

When you add a video or audio file into the Otter app folder in Dropbox, it will automatically be transcribed and synced with Otter. Note: Available for Otter Business and Enterprise.


You can export your conversation anytime, to a variety of file formats, including TXT, DOCX, and PDF. You can also export to SRT, which extracts the text and their timings to a SubRip Subtitle format text file, which can be imported into a video file for subtitles and captions. This format is widely used to export captions to YouTube.

Interactive Transcripts

OtterPilot™ generates live summaries for all recordings, saving you time on revisiting the entire transcript. Highlight takeaways and tag teammates to assign action items.