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Last Updated: Oct 1st, 2018

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018

Welcome Remarks: Matthew Panzarino (TechCrunch) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

How Did I Get Here by Cyan Banister (Founders Fund) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

A Diamond in the Rough with James Monsees (JUUL) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Making Sound Investments with Ashton Kutcher and Effie Epstein (Sound Ventures) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

China and US face off in AI with Kai-Fu Lee (Sinovation) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Live Demo with Jason Mars (Clinc) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Gaming’s Next Respawn with John Riccitiello (Unity) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Defending the Future with Keoki Jackson (Lockheed) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Decoding the DNA Opportunity with Anne Wojcicki (23andMe) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

From Private to Public with Drew Houston (Dropbox) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

“From Blockchain to Banking with Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple) and Michael Arrington (Arrington XRP Capital, founder, TechCrunch) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

“Venture Capital in 2018 with Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), Megan Quinn (Spark Capital), Sarah Tavel (Benchmark Capital) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

Startup Battlefield Competition - Flight ## 1 | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

“Regulating Finance and Cryptocurrency with Jina Choi (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, San Francisco) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

Back in Fashion with Sophia Amoruso (Girlboss) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Startup Battlefield Competition - Flight ## 2 | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Insuring the Future with Daniel Schreiber (Lemonade) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Advancing Equity in Silicon Valley: In Conversation with Arlan Hamilton (Backstage Capital) and Aniyia Williams (Black & Brown Founders) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Editing Reality with Anjney Midha (Ubiquity6) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Welcome Remarks: Mike Butcher (TechCrunch) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Beyond Moonshots with Alan Stern (NASA) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

“Beyond Startup Battlefield with Bobby Lo (Vurb), Aaron Patzer (Vital Software) and Priscilla Elora Sharuk (Myki) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

“The Promise and Perils of Early Branding with Emily Heyward (Red Antler), Philip Krim (Casper) and Tina Sharkey (Brandless) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

Getting to Level 5 - The Path to Autonomy by HERE Technologies | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

“Building the Car of Tomorrow, Today with Reilly Brennan (Trucks VC), Chris Urmson (Aurora) and Laurie Yoler (Zoox) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

Reaching The Next Creators with Roblox’s David Baszucki (Roblox) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

“The Robots Are Coming with Peter Barrett (Playground Global), Helen Boniske (Lemnos VC), Claire Delaunay (Nvidia) and Cyril Ebersweiler (SOSV/HAX) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

“Launching a New Space Economy with Natalya Bailey (Accion Systems), Peter Beck (Rocket Labs) and Will Marshall (Planet) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

Mobility is Changing. Are you ready for it? - by TomTom | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

“The Yes and No of ICO with Avichal Garg (Electric Capital), Arianna Simpson (Autonomous Partners) and Valerie Szczepanik (SEC) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

Data vs Chronic Conditions with Glen Tullman and Jennifer Schneider (Livongo Health) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

LivioTM AI - by Starkey Hearing Technologies | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

Deliverance with DoorDash’s Tony Xu | Disrupt SF (Day 1)

“Squirrel AI, the machine that regularly outperforms human teachers and redefines education - Sponsored by Yixue Squirrel AI Learning | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

“East Meets West with Norman Liang (WI Harper Group), Hans Tung (GGV Capital) and Yi Wang (Lingochamp) | Disrupt SF (Day 1)”

Opening Remarks: Matthew Panzarino (TechCrunch) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Product Launch and Fireside Chat Dieter May (BMW) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Finding the Next Silicon Valley with Doug Leone (Sequoia) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Moonshot Philanthropy with Priscilla Chan (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

A Very Busy Bee with Whitney Wolfe Herd (Bumble) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

“Uber, One Year Later with Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)”

Investing Outside the Valley with Steve Case (Revolution) and J.D. Vance (Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

The Art of Scaling with Reid Hoffman (Greylock) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Taking on Silicon Valley with Marty Chavez (Goldman Sachs) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Privacy and the Public with Alex Stamos (Stanford University) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Fireside Chat with Baiju Bhatt (Robinhood) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

“Connecting the Blocks with Sam Cassatt, Amanda Gutterman and Joseph Lubin (ConsenSys) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)”

Startup Battlefield Competition - Flight ## 3 | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Driving Self-Driving Cars with Kyle Vogt (Cruise) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Even Harder Things with Ben Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Building A Successful Made-On-The-Internet Brand with Warby Parker’s Dave Gilboa | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Launch and Demo with Brynn Putnam (Mirror) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Building a New Voice with Sam Liang (AISense) and Cathy Pearl (Google) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Startup Battlefield Competition - Flight ## 4 | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Opening Remarks: Mike Butcher (TechCrunch) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Fireside Chat with Michael Rubin (Fanatics) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Creating a Lifeline in Communities | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Security in the Age of AI with Mike Hanley (Duo Security) and Marc Rogers (Okta) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

“Having Space in the Fund with Rob Coneybeer (Shasta Ventures), Tess Hatch (Bessemer Venture Partners) and Matt Ocko (DCVC) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)”

Fireside Chat with Nikolay Storonsky (Revolut) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Bumble Bizz Presents: Building a Diverse Pipeline of Female Founder Talent | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Answering the Door with Jamie Siminoff (Ring) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Electronic Apparel Demo with Rich Mahoney (Seismic) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

United in Discord with Jason Citron (Discord) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Building for Voice with Jason Mars (Clinc) and Alex Smola (Amazon Web Services) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Home is Where the Robots Are with Colin Angle (iRobot) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Running Toward Connected Fitness with John Foley (Peloton) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

“The Sky’s the Limit with Chris Anderson (3DR), Adam Bry (Skydio), Laura Major (CyPhy Works) and Arnaud Thiercelin (DJI) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)”

Scooting Through Regulation with Sanjay Dastoor (Skip Scooters) and Emily Warren (Lime) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

“The Future of DLT with Brian Behlendorf (Hyperledger), Jutta Steiner (Parity Technologies) and Gert Sylvest (Tradeshift) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)”

Programming Life with Rachel Haurwitz (Caribou Biosciences) and Trevor Martin (Mammoth Biosciences) | Disrupt SF (Day 2)

Quantum Supremacy with Dario Gil (IBM) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Building a Quantum Computing startup with Chad Rigetti (Rigetti Computing) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Printing the Next Footwear Joseph DeSimone (Carbon) and Eric Liedtke (Adidas) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Beauty and the Beat with Emily Weiss (Glossier) and Kirsten Green (Forerunner Ventures) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Betting on a Touchdown with Jason Robins (DraftKings) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Demo with Brian Brackeen (Kairos) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

“How African Founders are Enabling Tomorrow’s Startups with Fope Adelowo (Helios Investment Partners), Ken Njoroge (Cellulant), Tayo Oviosu (Paga Payments) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)”

Creating A Monster with Mike Judge (Silicon Valley) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Startup Battlefield Alumni Update | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

How Coinbase Keeps Building with Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

How Steve Jobs Thought Different with Ken Kocienda | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Launch and Demo with Delane Parnell (PlayVS) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Startup Battlefield - Final Round | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

The Power and the Promise of 5G with Chaitanya Kanojia (Starry) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Automotive AI expands expectations for the smart device - by BYTON | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

The Robot Doctor with Robin Berzin (Parsley Health) and Aaron Patzer (Vital Software) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

“Will AI Diversify Human Thinking or Replace It? with Chris Ategeka (UCOT), Timnit Gebru (Google AI) and Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)”

“Good For You with Laura Deming (The Longevity Fund), Arvind Gupta (SOSV), Nina Kjellson (Canaan Partners) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)”

Y Combinator Do’s and Don’ts: In Conversation with Dalton Caldwell and Michael Seibel (Y Combinator) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

Finding Solutions for Local News with Razmig Hovaghimian (Hoodline) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)

“Dismantling Algorithmic Bias with Patrick Ball (HRDAG), Brian Brackeen (Kairos) and Kristian Lum (HRDAG) | Disrupt SF (Day 3)”

SVIEF 2018

Welcome Speech: Judy Chu | SVIEF

Keynote Speech: Tim Draper | SVIEF

“Keynote: Professor Shoucheng Zhang on Quantum Physics, AI, and Blockchain | SVIEF”

Keynote: The Era of AI: The Rise of China and the Future of Work – Kaifu Lee | SVIEF

“Global Leaders’ Dialogue: Max Ren, Tim Draper, Kai-Fu Lee | SVIEF”

Keynote speech: Mainstreaming Blockchain - Eric Ly | SVIEF

“Panel Discussion: IoT, AI and Blockchain - Qiang Bai, Steven Dong, Allan Zhang, Qi Zhou | SVIEF”

“Panel Discussion: Blockchain Investment and Application Cases - Hao Guang, Mike Chi, Chandler Guo, Sheldon Xia, Emi Yoshikawa, Mengfan Zhang | SVIEF”

“Blockchain Projects Roadshow - Grant Baker, Yuriy Lavor, Nate Llorando, Ryan D. | SVIEF”

Opening Remarks: Kathy Watanabe | SVIEF

Keynote Speech: Avik Bhattacharya | SVIEF

Keynote: Leap into the Future with Advancements in AI Technology - Ren Wu | SVIEF

Keynote Speech: How will voice AI change our life or work - Sam Liang | SVIEF

“Fireside chat: AI and Big Data - Jason Geng, Modar Alaoui, Xiaojing Dong, Sumit Gupta, Timothy Tang | SVIEF”

“Fireside Chat: Dialogue Between Two Mission Accomplished CEOs of Cyber Security Industry - Howie Xu, Lane Bess | SVIEF”

Keynote Speech: Richard Liu | SVIEF

Keynote Speech: Andrew Gu | SVIEF

“US China Thought Leaders’ Dialogue: Max Ren, Xiang Qian, Jun Wu | SVIEF”

Keynote Speech: Andrew Tang | SVIEF

“U.S China Investment Trend fireside chat: Catherine Liu, Jay Eum, Nathaniel Jewell | SVIEF”

The 8th SVIEF Star Startup Competition Finale Part I | SVIEF

The 8th SVIEF Star Startup Competition Finale Part II | SVIEF

“Panel Discussion: Robert Neivert, Rashmi Gopinath, Ella Li, Xiongwei Zhou | SVIEF”