Otter for Education

Otter for Education is a new version of Otter Voice Meeting Notes—live transcription note-taking—designed for universities and other higher level education institutions. It adds integrated account management, reporting, and enterprise billing with the award-winning Otter application.

"Otter is a promising new assistive technology for students that require note-taking assistance. It not only provides recording and synchronized speech recognition, it can recognize who is speaking and integrates search and keyword extraction."

- Kathryn Fernandez, Executive Director of Campus Accessibility, Tulane University


Otter goes way beyond note taking.

Thousands of students have discovered the power of Otter Voice Meeting Notes to help take notes during lectures, transcribe research interviews, capture notes from group study sessions, and process public audio data for research purposes. Learn more about Otter


Why Otter for Education

Otter does more for less.

Otter offers a more full-featured, usable and economical user experience than alternative note-taking technologies designed for the classroom. It can be activated in any environment via the mobile app or browser.

Otter is inclusive, everywhere.

Transcripts for lectures may be streamed in real time for those that may have a challenging time following what is being said. Traveling sports teams and others that can’t make class have rich notes and can easily catch up.

Otter gives you more control.

Otter empowers institutions with account management, sharing, and permission controls. Educators may be given control over who can access transcripts live that they record via Otter and chose to share.


Help shape the future of learning

Join your peers.

UCLA, Tulane, and Western Kentucky University are among several universities trialing Otter Voice Meeting Notes for use by students requiring note-taking assistance. Their feedback is helping to shape Otter for Education. Contact us today to learn more about Otter and the pilot program.

"We are excited that Otter will bring AI into classrooms and will dramatically improve education effectiveness. Students now have searchable class notes with synchronized audio, and real-time transcription makes classes accessible for students who have difficulty following what a teacher is saying."

- Sam Liang, CEO,

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