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Otter.ai @ Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit 2019

Otter.ai @ Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit 2019

DATE: November 18-19, 2019
LOCATION: Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University, 326 Galvez Street, Stanford
WEBSITE: https://svs100.com/event2019-sv_en

Come see Otter in action! We'd love to meet you. Otter will be live transcribing sessions and exhibiting at this event.

Schedule a meeting with Otter: sales@otter.ai
Join the event public group on Otter: https://otter.ai/JapanSummit
Follow @otter_ai

About Web Summit
The Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit is an invitation only two-day summit to connect Silicon Valley startups and Japanese companies. We collaborated with The SV Startups 100, a Japanese tech media project featuring 100 Silicon Valley startups, US-Asia Technology Management Center - Stanford University and Japan Management Association to hold this summit at Stanford University, the core of the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

About Otter.ai
Otter.ai creates technologies and products that make valuable information from voice conversations instantly accessible and actionable. The Otter Voice Meeting Notes app transcribes voice to text in real time and generates rich, searchable, shareable notes with AI. Otter.ai is backed by the first investors at Google, Tesla, DeepMind, and Facebook. Its team includes top engineering and research talent from Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Uber, and Nuance. Follow Otter.ai on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Download the app for iOS, Android, or sign up on the web at otter.ai.

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