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How Asset Panda Leveraged OtterPilot for Sales to Improve Sales Efficiency

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Asset Panda, a SaaS company that provides software that makes it easy to track and manage assets, was experiencing rapid sales growth. With a sales cycle ranging from same-day to 18 months, sales reps were spending too much time documenting calls and sales leadership lacked transparency into the sales pipeline. The team needed a tool to make them more productive while handling a high volume of opportunities.

Justin Lackey, Chief Financial and Revenue Officer at Asset Panda, saw first hand what his team was dealing with: "....if I'm a salesperson, and I have 10 demos today, I'm having to spend too much time at the end of the day, trying to put together everything from an action item standpoint, from a key takeaway standpoint, follow ups to client standpoint,” says Lackey.

Justin Lackey
Chief Financial and Revenue Officer

We wanted to find if we could better equip our current folks that were here today….we wanted to find if we could make our folks today more productive, more efficient, more effective.

When Asset Panda found OtterPilot for Sales,’s AI meeting assistant designed for sales reps and leaders, the team was excited about its time saving features: it could automatically write notes, summarize sales calls, generate customizable Sales Insights, provide leaders visibility into the sales pipeline, while also improving cross-team collaboration by creating a database of the customer journey for sales to share with customer onboarding.

After implementing OtterPilot for Sales, the impact was almost instant. Within weeks, Lackey says Asset Panda reps gained time back in their day by automating note-taking and started closing more deals faster by leveraging Otter AI Chat to draft emails and proposals.

Tools like Otter have helped us make our folks more productive, more efficient, more effective, whereas they can handle maybe the work of one and a half people that were doing that

Although Asset Panda hadn’t integrated OtterPilot for Sales with their CRM to automatically sync Sales Insights directly into Salesforce and Hubspot, they plan to do so soon - further streamlining workflows.

Justin and his team at Asset Panda took advantage of Otter AI Chat's question-answering capabilities by creating templated prompts. In the early days of experimenting with Otter AI Chat, they asked it a variety of questions to understand its full abilities. Over time, they refined these questions into consistent templates focused on specific use cases. For example, they developed a template for generating implementation notes summaries that the onboarding team could use. By copying and pasting this template, Otter AI Chat would automatically populate the notes based on information in the call transcripts. Templated prompts like this one helped standardize processes and expectations while saving time versus manually compiling notes. They provided an efficient way for Asset Panda teams to leverage insights from sales call recordings.

For Justin, the biggest benefit is likely the ability to query across his and Asset Panda’s entire database of sales and meeting notes in an instant. Asset Panda has already captured over 1,000 calls with Otter so now Justin and his team can ask Otter AI Chat questions, generate content, and instantly inform product development and other business decisions based on their sales call knowledge graph.

That's enough benefit for me right there.
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Matt Sodnicar
Manager at Canidium

To me, Otter is as essential to the way I work as the computer itself. I could not do what I do without it.

Laura Brown
Vice President of Sales at Aiden Technologies

Otter was one product that when we onboarded it, I felt like it was truly easy to use, and it drove adoption across the organization.

Victoria Simon
Accommodations Specialist and Student Success Coordinator

We’ll have almost 1,000 students registered with our office by the end of the year

Ahjané Forbes
Contributor to Hofstra’s student Newspaper is one of the most recent technological advances put into action by Student Access Services.

Miguel Patino
Information Technology Leader, Stax

We have a very short window of time to get all of the information gathering done and turn it around to the analysis team to get the analysis out of the raw data that we've acquired.

Katie Mercer
Vice President, Content, Glacier Media

When you're on deadline, breaking a story, or tackling an internal project, you need tools in your tech stack that are simple to use and collaborative.

Joshua Hori
Assistive Technology Analyst

We have a lot of notetaking requests, and we were proactively looking for ways to improve it since it was a volunteer based program.

Tim Van Norman
Instructional Technologist

We have a whole mix of ages and abilities, technologically.

Justin Lackey
Chief Financial and Revenue Officer

We wanted to find if we could better equip our current folks that were here today….we wanted to find if we could make our folks today more productive, more efficient, more effective.

Supporting the Diverse Needs of Multiple Teams

It helps me to keep myself accountable. I can’t hear well so I learn better by reading. It’s been a lifesaver in that sense.