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Aiden Technologies' Sales Team Increased Efficiency by 33% using Otter

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Aiden Technologies, Inc. is an information technology (IT) cybersecurity company focused on helping enterprises simplify the IT process and keep their machines secure and up to date using artificial intelligence (AI) and hyper-automation.

The Sales Problem

Throughout the sales process, members of Aiden’s sales team often conduct meetings with leads and clients through Zoom. They initially took manual notes and recorded their virtual calls to refer back to. Not only was this process cumbersome and time-consuming, but the increasingly large repository of recordings also made it difficult for sales reps to sort through the logged calls to revisit and share specific discussion points. Aiden’s sales reps need to log call notes to keep their CRM up-to-date and ensure they're tracking all the details about their deals properly—that's just part of their job. Unfortunately, doing so takes time away from what they do best: interacting with prospects and closing deals. The manual note-taking process was pulling down the sales team’s productivity levels. Every delay caused by misplaced notes or poor tracking made deals drag on longer, ultimately leading to fewer wins for the sales team. Aiden needed a solution that would automatically keep track of all the details in their sales process—from initial calls with leads to demos and deals.

Enter Otter

Laura Brown, Vice President of Sales at Aiden Technologies, had spoken to other professionals in her industry who used call recording software and believed that this type of solution could resolve Aiden's challenges. After researching different options online, she found Otter and signed up for a free trial. Ultimately, it didn't take long for Brown to see that she’d made the right choice. She describes how painless Otter onboarding was, saying.

Laura Brown
Vice President of Sales at Aiden Technologies

Otter was one product that when we onboarded it, I felt like it was truly easy to use, and it drove adoption across the organization.

Because Otter works within a web browser or the Otter mobile app–there is no IT integration support required to use Otter. Users only need to create their account and are up and running in minutes, not days or hours. Otter allowed Brown and her team of Aiden account executives to devote their full attention to their customer meetings—not scribbling down notes as fast as possible. Even Aiden's CEO is finding Otter valuable, he is often so deeply engaged in investor calls that he can't write down notes. Using Otter eliminates that problem. "Our leadership could get on board with it really quickly and see benefits. That was a huge win," says Brown.

Game-Changing Efficiency Gains

Using Otter allowed Aiden's sales reps to spend less time worrying about meeting notes and more time on their work with prospects. In sales calls with prospects, they could focus exclusively on selling, knowing that Otter would automatically record, transcribe and store meeting notes for them. They could then use these meeting notes for their reference later or to quickly bring new participants up to speed on what's happened in the deal. Seeing this impact has led Brown to believe that.

As a sales organization, you need call recording software. You just do. There's nothing that is going to take the place of a call recording software like Otter.

As a sales leader, Brown even uses her reps' Otter meeting notes to assess their progress and coach them on improvements they can make to their sales pitches. "From coaching and collaboration within the sales org, that's been really helpful," she notes.

Beyond Transcribing Calls

Though Otter’s call recording and transcription features drew in Brown, the Aiden team soon discovered other valuable features within the software. Specifically, Brown highlights Otter’s ‘tag people’ feature as one she uses frequently. Within Otter, users can tag others to call their attention to specific parts of a transcript, notes, or action items they need to address.
The tagged users can view the transcript and gain the full context of the discussion within minutes. This feature makes collaborating with other deal participants and sales team members easier than ever.

I would say Otter's a must-have.

Another feature that stood out to Brown is Otter’s ability to edit meeting transcripts as needed. If a word or two is recorded incorrectly in Otter's meeting transcript, she likes to go through and clean up those errors for clarity—an option many other transcription software tools don’t make available.

A 33% Productivity Boost

After a few years of using Otter, the team at Aiden is more than pleased with their results. Brown notes the stark contrast between their process before and after using Otter. "Going from watching a recording and going back and taking notes, playing it, pausing it, versus Otter— the workflow is so much better," she says. As for how much Otter has improved workflow at Aiden, Brown estimates,

Just being conservative—33% more effective, getting 33% time back.
Contact Otter today to see for yourself the difference OtterPilot for Sales can make in your company.

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Matt Sodnicar
Manager at Canidium

To me, Otter is as essential to the way I work as the computer itself. I could not do what I do without it.

Laura Brown
Vice President of Sales at Aiden Technologies

Otter was one product that when we onboarded it, I felt like it was truly easy to use, and it drove adoption across the organization.

Victoria Simon
Accommodations Specialist and Student Success Coordinator

We’ll have almost 1,000 students registered with our office by the end of the year

Ahjané Forbes
Contributor to Hofstra’s student Newspaper is one of the most recent technological advances put into action by Student Access Services.

Miguel Patino
Information Technology Leader, Stax

We have a very short window of time to get all of the information gathering done and turn it around to the analysis team to get the analysis out of the raw data that we've acquired.

Katie Mercer
Vice President, Content, Glacier Media

When you're on deadline, breaking a story, or tackling an internal project, you need tools in your tech stack that are simple to use and collaborative.

Joshua Hori
Assistive Technology Analyst

We have a lot of notetaking requests, and we were proactively looking for ways to improve it since it was a volunteer based program.

Tim Van Norman
Instructional Technologist

We have a whole mix of ages and abilities, technologically.

Justin Lackey
Chief Financial and Revenue Officer

We wanted to find if we could better equip our current folks that were here today….we wanted to find if we could make our folks today more productive, more efficient, more effective.

Supporting the Diverse Needs of Multiple Teams

It helps me to keep myself accountable. I can’t hear well so I learn better by reading. It’s been a lifesaver in that sense.