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Tag Speakers

Speaker Identification and Voiceprints

Otter is a smart app, meaning that it learns to identify and tag speakers over time. The following steps will help you teach Otter to better recognize the unique voices in your conversations.

  • Speaker Identification
  1. Select the conversation in which you want to tag speakers.
  2. Otter will automatically tag speakers who have previously been identified. For new speakers, please teach Otter their voice by identifying them in the conversation.
  3. Select the unknown speaker icon  to start identifying the speaker. Otter will list recent speakers for you to choose. You can also add or search speakers by typing the speaker name in the search area and select the Tag button
  4. Try to tag 1-2 longer paragraphs for each speaker in a conversation. Ideally, each paragraph should be longer than 15 seconds.
  5. Select the three dots at the top-right corner of the screen and select Rematch Speaker. Otter will automatically tag the rest of the paragraphs for speakers that have been identified previously. This can take a few minutes to process, depending on the conversation length.

  • Record Your Own Voiceprints
  1. Open the Settings tab.
    1. For mobile, open the sidebar by tapping the three horizontal bars  at the top-left of the screen and then tap the Settings button at the bottom of the menu.
    2. For web, click your profile photo at the top-right corner of your screen, then select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Scroll down and select “Record voiceprint” (mobile) or “Teach Otter your voice” (web).
  3. Select the blue microphone () to start the voiceprint recording.
  4. Say the following: “Hi Otter, my name is _____ and my occupation is _____. I found out about the Otter app from _____.” This will work best with optimal audio quality, so try to speak from within three feet of your device.
  5. Select “Save this recording.” Otter will now better recognize your voice in future conversations.
  6. If you need to try again, just select the “I wish to try recording again” button.
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