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Add Photos

Enrich Your Conversation

The following steps will help you enrich the text of your transcripts with multimedia elements. For example, you may want to take a photo of a slide or whiteboard during a presentation. With Otter, you can seamlessly integrate that image into your conversation.

  • Take Pictures While Recording

  1. Start a new recording using the blue microphone or “Start recording” button.
  2. To open the camera, tap the camera button at the bottom right of your device’s screen.
  3. Snap a photo.
  4. Tap the “Use picture” button at the bottom of the screen. Otter will insert the photo inline within the text of your conversation.
  5. If you change your mind about including the photo, just press “Cancel” to delete it and return to the camera screen. Tap the ‘X’ button on the top left to exit the camera screen.
  6. During recording, you can also take photos with your phone’s built-in camera app. Otter can import all photos taken during the recording, and insert the photos inline within the text of your conversation based on the timestamp. This feature is handy when your screen is locked during your live recording.
  7. To enable the importing photos from your phone’s built-in camera app, go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Sync photos from Camera app. Toggle to enable the sync.

  • Insert Pictures While Editing the Conversation

  1. Select the conversation you want to enrich using pictures.
  2. Select the section of text located where you would like to insert a picture.
    1. For mobile, tap to select a sentence of text and tap the “Add Photo” button in the pop-up menu above the text.
    2. For web, hover over the section of text and click the camera button in the pop-up button at the top right corner of the section.
  3. Browse image files on your device and choose the one you would like to import.
  4. Open the file. Otter will add it inline within that section of the text.
  5. You can also remove a photo from your conversation.
    1. For mobile, tap the photo to open it, then tap the three dots button at the top right of screen to open a pop-up menu. Select “Delete photo.”
    2. For web, just hover your cursor over the photo and click the trash can button to delete.
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